Alissa Breindel of Austin – Common Mistakes Novice Hikers Make

When she is taking a break from helping students in Austin, Texas prepare for their SAT exams, Alissa Breindel Austin likes to spend her time walking and hiking. Those who are new to hiking often misunderstand the things that they need to do in order to stay safe and enjoy the activity and she points out the following mistakes that novices should aim to avoid.

Alissa Breindel Austin

Wearing The Wrong Clothes

You cannot head out on anything but the most basic of hikes in jeans and a pair of sneakers. Hikes will often present you with challenging terrain and varying weather conditions, so it is important to wear clothing that is both comfortable and practical. Good walking boots are a must, as are waterproof items of clothing and comfortable pants.

Not Researching The Trail

Before you head out on a hike, it is important that you research the route that you are preparing to take. Hiking with little idea of where you’re going is a surefire way to get yourself lost, so make sure you check out a map and highlight any landmarks that will help should you end up losing your way. Bring the map with you for reference during the hike.

Not Informing Others

If you are determined to hike alone, Alissa Breindel, of Austin, Texas, recommends that you inform a number of people about where you plan to go. Those who don’t run the risk of having nobody back home who knows where they are, which can be a major issue if you run into trouble during the hike.



Alissa Breindel of Austin – Tips For Dealing With SAT Anxiety

Alissa Breindel understands that preparing for the SAT requires much more than studying. The anxiety that many students experience during the buildup to the exams can also have a negative impact on their final grades. As such, she notes that the students she teaches in Austin should do whatever they can to keep their anxiety levels low and offers the following tips if you find yourself struggling with stress.

Alissa Breindel Austin

Take Breaks

It may feel as though you need to spend every spare moment that you have studying, but this will often lead to exhaustion and more anxiety in the long run. If you notice that you are getting stressed while revising, take a few minutes away from the desk. Have a chat with a friend or watch a little television and then return to your work when you are ready.

Your Bed Is For Sleeping

Try to separate your bed entirely from your studying. Many students spend too much time sat in bed, reading their notes. This can make it difficult to remove yourself from your studies when it is time to sleep, so make it a point to make your bed a sanctuary away from work. Create a bedtime routine and try your best to get a full eight hours of sleep every night.

Don’t Compare Study Techniques

Alissa Breindel tells her students in Austin, Texas that everybody has their own study techniques and you will only end up stressing yourself out even more if you keep talking with your friends about their progress. Focus on your own studies, rather than trying to compete with other people.

Alissa Breindel of Austin – How To Get The Most Out Of Lessons

Alissa Breindel is the owner of Strategic SAT Prep, which is located in Austin, Texas and is an experience professional teacher with many years of experience in the classroom. She is able to provide advice to students who are preparing for the SAT and often points towards the importance of maintaining focus during lessons in order to get the most out of them. Here she highlights a few things that you can do to ensure you get what you need from your time in class.

Alissa Breindel Austin

Turn Off The Phone

The smartphone age has presented a number of problems for teachers, with students all too easily getting distracted by text messages or the ability to browse the web. A student who wants to get the most out of their lesson should turn their phone off so that they are not tempted to lose focus, which could result in missing out on important information.

Take Notes

Unfortunately, not every one of your lessons is going to be so interesting that you stay riveted to the teacher. In these cases, it is a good idea to keep your mind active and your concentration levels high by taking notes. This has the added benefit of giving you extra material to study when outside the classroom.

Ask Questions

Alissa Breindel Austin points out that professional teachers are here to help you learn, so she encourages all of her students in Austin to ask questions if they haven’t understood a point. Be active in your learning experiences and offer your teacher the opportunity to provide help when it is needed.

Alissa Breindel of Austin – Traits You Need To Be A Teacher

As both the owner of Strategic SAT Prep and a professional teacher, Alissa Breindel has had the privilege of meeting a number of fellow teachers while working in Austin. She notes that good teachers tend to share a number of common personality traits, some of which are listed below.

Alissa Breindel Austin

Alissa Breindel Austin


First and foremost, the best teachers all have a passion for what they do and consider teaching to be their calling. This passion allows them to dedicate their efforts towards constantly improving their lesson plans and working with students so that they can achieve at a higher level.


Teachers must understand that they will need to be able to adapt their lesson plans as needed, particularly if they are teaching a class of students that doesn’t respond well to certain teaching methods. Being able to teach the same lesson in a variety of ways allows a good teacher to be flexible.


Not all students are going to be able to pick up the subject matter at the same pace, so a teacher needs to be able to exercise patience and understand the areas that need to be focused on to ensure struggling students get the help that they need.

A Thirst For Knowledge

Alissa Breindel points out that a teacher who is happy to rest on their laurels will often not provide the best service to their students. She aims to constantly improve her knowledge so that she can deliver even better lessons to students in Austin.

Alissa Breindel Austin – Ace the SAT with These Tips

The annual SAT exam sends thousands of high school students every year into panic. As the single most important standardized exam that they will take during the course of their education, it is essential they enter into the test prepared. Alissa Breindel Austin, the owner of and teacher at Strategic SAT Prep can help students overcome their anxiety about taking the test. To help you reach your goal, here are a few tips to consider.

Alissa Breindel Austin

When it comes to the math portion of the test, you have to understand how it is configured. It is divided into three parts with the problems transitioning from an easy beginning to a medium middle section, to a difficult end. You are also deducted a quarter of a point for every wrong answer. Keeping this in mind, you don’t necessarily have to finish the entire math portion of the exam. If you can do decidedly well on the beginning and middle portions you can still reach your goal score.

The critical reading and writing portion of the exam can be just as easily defeated with the proper preparation. When you enter the critical reading section, don’t spend too much time intently reading the passage. Instead, skim through the paragraph first and then carefully read through the questions. When it comes to the writing section, the best thing you can do to prepare is to practice writing essays that you can find on practice tests.

For more help in preparing for the SAT, you may want to consider signing up for prep courses that are offered by a number of businesses like Strategic SAT Prep, owned by Alissa Breindel in Austin, Texas.

Alissa Breindel Austin – How Important is Your SAT Score?

For your entire high school career, you’ve been told how important your SAT score is for getting into the college that you want. While they are important, they aren’t the only things colleges look at when deciding which students to admit to their schools. However, it is still always better to do your best and score the highest possible score you can. Alissa Breindel of Austin, Texas helps students prepare for the SAT’s so they can achieve their educational goals.

Alissa Breindel Austin

When it comes to your score on the SAT, it is really only the elite schools like Harvard and Columbia that pay close attention to how high you scored on the test. The reason for this is they receive so many applications from high-achieving high school students, they have to use the score to determine who they are going to admit. For most other schools, your score on the SAT is only a portion of what they look at in determining admission. This isn’t to say your score isn’t important. When a school has to decide between two equally ranked applicants, they may make their ultimate decision based on the test scores of the students.

Along with taking your SAT scores into consideration, college look at your overall grades, where you rank compared to your classmates, the types of courses you have taken as a high school student, and your non-academic profile. Even if everything else in your academic career lines up with what they are looking for in a student, if you have low test scores there is a good chance you won’t get in so it is important to prepare for the SAT with the help of an SAT prep teacher like Austin teacher Alissa Breindel.

Alissa Breindel Austin – Selecting the Right SAT Prep Courses

When it comes time to prepare for the Scholastic Aptitude Test, SAT, finding the right prep courses, like those offered by Alissa Breindel of Austin can make all the difference. Choosing the right prep course can be just as difficult as the test itself. Here are some tips to help find the right courses for your student.

Alissa Breindel Austin

•    Determine how much help they need. The best way to determine this is to have the student take a full, timed exam in order to identify their strengths and weaknesses.

•    Determine how much you want to spend. Become familiar with the type of assistance they need to help weed out the extremes of test prep courses.

•    Understand their learning style. Do they work better when they are placed in a one-on-one setting or will they do better in a small group tutoring session?

•    Decide on a single session or multi-week instruction. Students need to figure out how much instruction and self-study time they will need to prepare for the test.

•    Look at both online and in-person options. Many students have busy schedules that they must find time in to study for the SAT’s. Online courses allow these students to study at their own pace when they have the time. However, with in-person prep, students are held accountable for their time, more so than with online options.

Finally, you need to look at both commercial and non-commercial options. Commercial test prep companies, like Strategic SAT Prep owned by Alissa Breindel Austin, provide the security of brand names and courses developed over time. Non-commercial options may consist of high school teachers that have an exceptional knowledge of current school curriculum. Continue reading