Alissa Breindel of Austin – Traits You Need To Be A Teacher

As both the owner of Strategic SAT Prep and a professional teacher, Alissa Breindel has had the privilege of meeting a number of fellow teachers while working in Austin. She notes that good teachers tend to share a number of common personality traits, some of which are listed below.

Alissa Breindel Austin

Alissa Breindel Austin


First and foremost, the best teachers all have a passion for what they do and consider teaching to be their calling. This passion allows them to dedicate their efforts towards constantly improving their lesson plans and working with students so that they can achieve at a higher level.


Teachers must understand that they will need to be able to adapt their lesson plans as needed, particularly if they are teaching a class of students that doesn’t respond well to certain teaching methods. Being able to teach the same lesson in a variety of ways allows a good teacher to be flexible.


Not all students are going to be able to pick up the subject matter at the same pace, so a teacher needs to be able to exercise patience and understand the areas that need to be focused on to ensure struggling students get the help that they need.

A Thirst For Knowledge

Alissa Breindel points out that a teacher who is happy to rest on their laurels will often not provide the best service to their students. She aims to constantly improve her knowledge so that she can deliver even better lessons to students in Austin.