Alissa Breindel Austin – How Important is Your SAT Score?

For your entire high school career, you’ve been told how important your SAT score is for getting into the college that you want. While they are important, they aren’t the only things colleges look at when deciding which students to admit to their schools. However, it is still always better to do your best and score the highest possible score you can. Alissa Breindel of Austin, Texas helps students prepare for the SAT’s so they can achieve their educational goals.

Alissa Breindel Austin

When it comes to your score on the SAT, it is really only the elite schools like Harvard and Columbia that pay close attention to how high you scored on the test. The reason for this is they receive so many applications from high-achieving high school students, they have to use the score to determine who they are going to admit. For most other schools, your score on the SAT is only a portion of what they look at in determining admission. This isn’t to say your score isn’t important. When a school has to decide between two equally ranked applicants, they may make their ultimate decision based on the test scores of the students.

Along with taking your SAT scores into consideration, college look at your overall grades, where you rank compared to your classmates, the types of courses you have taken as a high school student, and your non-academic profile. Even if everything else in your academic career lines up with what they are looking for in a student, if you have low test scores there is a good chance you won’t get in so it is important to prepare for the SAT with the help of an SAT prep teacher like Austin teacher Alissa Breindel.