Pre-test Taking Tips – Good Maintenance

Many students have trouble performing well on tests, even when they know the material and have studied for many hours. Even though a student may have an excellent grade in a class, do well on the homework, s/he may simply be unable to perform well on the test day. This is often the result of improper study and a lack of strategies. Fortunately, with a few precautionary measures, students can perform better on tests and be more confident on the test day.

Alissa Breindel AustinOne important thing to focus on before a test is to get a good night’s sleep. While some students think that they need to cram for an exam, this kind of effort often backfires because they are overloading their brain and not getting enough sleep. If a student does not get enough rest, the brain will be sluggish and more prone to mistakes. That is why studying late is not recommended. The benefits from rest can greatly exceed the potential benefits from studying an extra hour or two.

It is also important to eat well in order to perform better on a test. Some studies have shown that eating a good breakfast with a high source of protein has brain-boosting benefits. These benefits can carry over to test time and allow the student to perform much better than they may have otherwise. Eating only sugar and carbs before a test can cause a student to feel sluggish and would impact a student’s processing time.

Alissa Breindel Austin is a teacher from Strategic SAT Prep who specializes in improving students’ scores on the SAT and ACT.