Education – An Introduction

Educating the masses is something that society has focused on for centuries now. Even in ancient times there is evidence of mass education being used in order to create skilled laborers and to keep a civilization running smoothly.

Alissa Breindel Austin

Alissa Breindel Austin

Education can be described as a process that encourages and facilitates learning. This learning can come in many forms, including the development of beliefs, habits, values, skills, and overall knowledge. Education does not have to be purely scientific or academic either, as spiritual and philosophical education also exists. Education is usually carried out with the guidance of qualified instructors who use developed disciplines to help people learn faster and more effectively. While most educating is done through an institution of professionals, it is still possible for someone to learn through their own means. However, some professional institutions require formal training and/or knowledge in education in order to be a professional teacher.

Education is not limited only to the mass education of qualified institutions. Any kind of experience in life that has transformative effects on the way a person processes and categorizes information can be considered education. In fact, real life experience is often one of the best sources of education and learning that exists.

Education is also divided into many different categories in order to make it better tailored to the student. These divisions include preschool, primary school, secondary school, then colleges or apprenticeships. All of these are designed to fit the individual need of each student at different stages throughout their educational development. Specific pedagogy is utilized in order to best prepare students at any stage of their educational career.

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